Bajaj Auto

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Bajaj Auto Limited

Vision & Mission

Bajaj doesn't have a straight vision or mission statement. They define it in terms of brand identity, brand essence (derived from mission) and brand values.

Bajaj’s Brand Identity
Bajaj’s Brand is the visual expression of its thoughts and actions. It conveys to everyone Bajaj’s intention to constantly inspire confidence. Customers are the primary audience for Bajaj’s brand.

Indeed, our Brand Identity is shaped as much by their belief in Bajaj as it is by our own vision. Everything we do must always reinforce the distinctiveness and the power of our brand. We can do this by living our brand essence and by continuously seeking to enhance our customers’ experience. In doing so, we ensure a special place for ourselves in the hearts and the minds of our customers.

Our Brand Essence
Our Brand Essence is the soul of our brand.
Our brand essence encapsulates our mission at Bajaj.
It is the singular representation of our terms of endearment with our customers. It provides the basis on which we grow profitably in the market. Our Brand Essence is Excitement.
Bajaj strives to inspire confidence through excitement engineering. Blending together youthful creativity and competitive technology to exceed the spoken and the implicit expectations of our customers. By challenging the given. By exploring the unknown and thereby stretching ourselves towards tomorrow, today.

Our Brand Values
We live our brand by its values of Learning, Innovation, Perfection, Speed and Transparency. Bajaj will constantly inspire confidence through excitement engineering. * Learning
Learning is how we ensure proactivity.
It is a value that embraces knowledge as the platform for building well informed, reasoned, and decisive actions. * Innovation
Innovation is how we create the future.
It is a value that provokes us to reach beyond the obvious in pursuit of that which exceeds the ordinary. * Perfection
Perfection is how we set new standards.
It is a value that exhibits our determination to excel by endeavoring to establish new benchmarks all the time. * Speed
Speed is how we convey clear conviction.
It is a value that keeps us sharply responsive, mirroring our commitment towards our goals and processes. * Transparency
Transparency is how we characterise ourselves.
It is a value that makes us worthy of credibility through integrity, of trust through sensitivity and of loyalty through interdependence.

External Analysis

Strength| 1. Excellent brand presence and marketing in India 2. Extensive research and development focus and highly experienced player in the motorcycle segment 3. Widespread distribution network across India

4. Wide product range in terms of price, quality and categories 5. Featured in the Forbes Global brands list|
Weakness| 1.Not a global brand despite high volume production 2.Lack of performance bikes like major international brands and sports bikes & cruisers| Opportunity| 1. Bajaj Auto says its $2,500 car, which it is building with Renault and Nissan Motor, will aim at a fuel-efficiency of 30 km per litre 2. Cheaper variants for tapping more in the rural segment

3. Premium sports bikes for urban areas
4. Constant growth in the two-wheeler segment|
Threats| 1.Cheaper imports from countries like China
2. Entry of international brands
3.Other motorcycle players have a strong brand presence|

Internal Analysis

Competitive Positioning

Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world’s fourth largest two and three wheelers production company. It is in two wheelers and three wheelers Indian market since 1945 and recognised brand across Asia, Middle Eastern countries, Latin America. Bajaj Auto shares 26.70% of two wheelers market in India, fairly behind Hero Honda Motors which has 41.35% Indian customers, and ahead of TVS Motor Company which holds 18.14%. But when it comes to three wheelers vehicles, Bajaj Auto clearly control the majority of the...
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