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College of Business
FALL 2004


Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal
Office: 3137 Girdin Business Building
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The objective of the course is to enable students to make managerial decisions in a global marketplace. This course will cover the three critical phases of entering and succeeding in international markets.

* Designing marketing strategies for multinational competition. *Devising effective international marketing plans including decisions regarding product, promotion, price and channels. *Organizing and controlling multinational marketing operations.



Individual: Two Case Analyses (Exam)30 Individual:Class Participation—Case Discussion40 Group:Case Writeup/Marketing Plan 30


Aug 30Case 1: Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Sep 6Labor Day Holiday, Make-up Class to be scheduled
Sep 13Case 2: Mary Kay Cosmetics
Sep 20 Case 3:Airmiles
Sep 27Case 4: Planet Reebok
Oct 04 Case 5:Exam Case (TBA)
Oct 11Case 6: DHL
Oct 18 Case 7: EMDICO A&B
Oct 25Case 8: Gilette Indonesia
Nov 1Case 9: Bausch and Lomb, Case 10: Weissberg;
Nov 8Case 11: Astra; Case 12: Exam Case (TBA)

Imagine that you are a marketing consultant. Select one company, which has been experiencing decline in performance or has little global presence. Collect background information on the company and its main competitors, its marketing/business philosophy, and its performance over the last 10-20 years. Analyze the firm’s existing marketing plan, including the firm’s marketing objectives and strategies (segmentation, targeting, size of the market, product and positioning, promotion, pricing, and distribution). Focus on the firm’s unique selling propositions and analyze whether they are (1) unique and sustainable, (2) being communicated effectively, (3) valued by the target market, and (4) transferable across national boundaries. Next, recommend a marketing plan for the future. Please submit a written report and make a formal presentation to the class. Examples of companies: The Body Shop, Gateway, 7 UP, Cadillac, Piaggio, British Airways


Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL)

1. What challenges confronted BAL in 1993?
2. How was the Indian market for two- and three-wheelers evolving? 3. How should BAL respond to increasing competition?
4. Why had BAL’s exports been weak?
5. Could BAL rely on the domestic market to achieve its corporate goals or should it expand internationally? 6. Which export markets offered the most promise for BAL? Should BAL focus on developed or developing markets?

Mary Kay Cosmetics

1.Why has MKC not as successful as Avon in penetrating intl. markets? 2. What criteria should be used to prioritize foreign market entry opportunity? 3.What are the arguments for and against MKC entry into A. Japan B. China? 4.What mareketing mix recommendations would you make to Danduarant to enter Japan and China?


1. How does the Airmiles concept work?
2. Should Airmiles expand into NA in 1992?
3. How should the UK program be adapted for the NA market? 4. Should the Canadian and American programs be combined or separated? 5. What are the pros and cons of the grocery manufacturer versus grocery retailer affiliation strategies? 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the regional versus national roll-out strategies? 7. What are the economics of the program under various entry scenarios? 8. Does the program make economic sense from the trade’s point of view? From the consumer’s point...
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