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Question 3
How does Baileys translate its brand strategy and positioning communications into brand meaning in its various international markets?

To start answering this question it is necessary to assess the position of the brand, which comes out of being the first to develop a cream liqueur and expand their name through an optimization of the product. Afterwards, the company created some new drinks linked to the essence of the product which was the liqueur cream. Thereafter, competitors appeared and comparisons were made, but Baileys reacted with innovations made according to consumer’s preferences. Moreover, the innovations were not only through product developments, but through slogans that matched the sought image and the context of the market.

Particularly in Japan, the strategy was to add an extra touch of mellowness and the creation of a refined package. This modifications of the product resulted in what they called the Baileys Gold. To name another adaptation to foreign markets we should recall the design and deployment of Baileys Minis which were made mainly for the British market. Nonetheless, the brand strategy always referred to the unique taste and originality.

Given the fact that all markets are unique and are at different stages of development, the Baileys brand will be perceived according to the context of each country. For example, in a developing country the image would be more luxurious and the consumption of the product is less frequent but the price might be higher than in developed countries.

In terms of communications, their strategy evolved from a traditional, special format and a liqueur to be drank in infrequent occasions to a contemporary, every day and informal spirits to be drank more frequently.

To illustrate this, we would like to refer ourselves to the British example of how Baileys started from being a very particular liqueur to be drank in special occasions, for instance Christmas and then became a more informal...
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