Bahrain Bay Case

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Bahrain Bay Case Study


January, 2011
Questions for Discussion:

1) Bahrain bay is a leading development company that interconnects between Arcapita Bank and Bahrain investment group with a capital of $2.5 billion. The main project of this development is to create an entire island on Bahrain shore that includes a mix of commercial, residential and retail units. Bahrain bay is committed to maintain a new urban standard and to do this they defined four foundational philosophies; Scale, Social Equity, Community fabric and Tomorrow’s Environment to help guide them to realize high standards that has been preset.

Figure 1.1: Bahrain Bay philosophies

* Scale: Bahrain bay maintained a pre-defined scale for the project to be established based on today criteria. Project managers made sure to know what are the customer needs, wants and demands in order to deliver superior value and customer satisfaction. * Social Equity: The major point to establish the project is to maintain a sustainable community that has the same services and profit among the residents. They have the equilibrium of rights, they have to enjoy the quality of services delivered from music, access to the pool, services needed are near to everyone, moreover the quality of services are delivered in a superior value. * Community Fabric: Bahrain bay believes that the development project lurks in its community and its own society. Establishing a unite community is the biggest challenge for Bahrain-based investment group, because the project succeed or not is based on its community and the different societies and people that are going to live inside this residential project. Moreover, it largely consists of the workforce involved in its construction and their safety and wellbeing paramount. * Tomorrow’s Environment: The bay is being constructed with the ambition of balancing the need for energy with the preservation of the region’s precious resources. The overarching vision is also to make as little environmental impact as possible. These four philosophies help the Bahrain bay in marketing the project as being an SBU (Strategic Business Unit). It affects people and consumers decision to trust this project and to accept it; it has to be at the consumer’s expectation.

2) The Bahrain Bay development is the result of a unique and distinctive vision. The mission is being a regional place for banking and finance with its futuristic urban designs with a collection of waterfront residential, retail and commercial developments representing a focal point in Bahrain. The first principle is aesthetic. Working in close association with planners, architects and developers the aim is to create a world-class destination which blends perfectly with its surrounding environment. Diversity of style and design is of paramount importance in creating an environment which is stimulating, surprising and alive. Secondly, there is the social consideration. In order to add to the rich legacy of the Kingdom of Bahrain it is vital to create a place where opportunities exist for all. Where developers’ and residents’ interests meet and Middle East real estate investment proves a profitable exercise. From this will grow our third tenet - community. We are creating varied and distinctive districts and neighborhoods. A rich cultural and artistic scene will surely develop. These will create many opportunities to form the ties that truly unite a community. As a result, Bahrain Bay aims to provide a quality of life that might otherwise take years to create. The final and, perhaps most critical principle, will be to create a development that respects its unique environment and shows its commitment to sustainability. Using state of the art technologies in its construction and infrastructure it is the intention to make Bahrain Bay a development that...
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