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Bahrain; with a name meaning 'two seas', is a visibly breathtaking island which conceals many hidden wonders that make it a spectacular place to visit. This small island, located in the Arabian Gulf, enjoys the warmth and brightness of the sun all year round. Bahrain is renowned for its archeological sites and is known for its vast history of architecture. The society consists of an interesting blend of many different cultures from all corners of the world. The capital, Manama, is a bustling city full of local atmosphere with a traditional "souk" and an open market for late night shopping. It also has many modern iconic buildings, 5 star luxury hotels and huge malls. Bahrain is very popular amongst tourists because of its abundance of eating establishments and delicious cuisine; people usually visit on weekends to experience superior dining and drinks. The lively atmosphere continues from day to night, making you question why Manama means 'sleeping', when the capital barely sleeps. In this essay, I will attempt to inform you about the some of the most interesting aspects of Bahrain.

Bahrain has many modern and traditional sites to visit, in addition to this; it also has many highly structured and lavish mosques, palaces and religious places since religion is an essential part of this country. A small yet elegant museum, Bait AlQuran, is a must visit, especially for people who appreciate history and Islamic heritage. It has a well laid out display of an astounding and tremendously rare collection of old Qurans, dating back to the 8th century AD. The well preserved collections of Quran have a very artistic structure with fascinating drawings, calligraphy and many colourful bindings. Only a walking distance away from Bait AlQuran is the historically remarkable Bahrain National Museum, which is the largest and most visited Museum in Bahrain. The Museum gives you an astonishing introduction to Bahrain's history and culture with its rich collection of admirable...
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