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Whole document is based on my observation of bags at places, time and culture. I have tried to critically analyze and examine that how people wear bags at different places like streets, parks, shopping center, railway station and how their unconsciousness of mind changes the style of carrying it for example people hold their bags tightly in the railway stations its not because somebody is stealing their bag at that moment but in reality people are scared of pick pockets present in the surrounding and moreover announcements which are being done again and again has left a mark on people’s mind. Now even sometimes you notice there is no announcements going on but still people carry their bags so tightly as if they are going to be robbed, it just because of unconsciousness of mind which is ruling ones body language. I have also observed different types, shapes, sizes and colors of bags, and tried to judge the hidden meanings behind the scene, different perceptions and use values of the bags. Lets take an example of fashion orientated women which I have observed in the gally lafatte to them a tiny clutch in hand or back pack slung over shoulder, never mind what is inside in it, the thing which matters to them is a bag, which tells their whole life story, her reality and her dream. This type of behavior pattern is may be because handbags are visible on the body and gives the wearer chance to show off and publically declare their status, fashion statement or inspirations like Channel, Hermes silently. Today when you walk into any luxury brand store any where in the world, you will find yourself surrounded by millions of identical bags who have lost their meaning since they are mass produced as Marx says,

“Abstract member of species identical by definition with its other member.” (Taken from class handout)

In simpler words, today buying a luxury brand handbag is an exercise in banality, where you walk into the well appointed store pass the chic suited security guards, see different peruse what is on display, choose one of them, pay bill and walk out with your purchase. The shopping experience may have been pleasant but in the end it was not a different experience then going to the H&M, ZARA or GAP, except from the price. There is nothing unique about the handbag: the brand has churned out thousands of them, absolutely identical. But this fact cannot be ignored that the handbag, which has been brought temporary satisfies our desire and makes us feel special by this thought that we own something, which is socially recognized and well perceived by the materialistic society who recognizes a person from its possessions owned. Despite this worldly feeling which excites us that we ignores the fact that bag which we have brought might not be able to fulfill exactly what we desired or excepted to be in our mind before going to the shop.

This can be only possible if we place a special order to have something custom made especially for us, according to our wish list. Practically speaking in present world there are hardly few companies who produce like this.

Hermes would be the perfect example to discuss but they are extremely expensive out of the range of ordinary person so what you get in usual cases is a ready -to -carry bag.
Hermes bags on display in the store are just display models to show options, you choose the material, order according to your desired size, color and shape. Then you wait for several months until it is made according to your specifications. When it arrives in the shop they invite you to pick it up, it your bag because of its unique style of making it.

When I visited Hermes store I realized most of the designs have been around for century and they still have long waiting list not because they are in fashion but in actual they never go out of the fashion. Hermes bags don’t have logos because bag themselves are sufficiently recognizable....
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