Bagong Usok Sa Mga Kabataan

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What makes an AD great?
(1) Ads should satisfy the consumers’ objectives by engaging and delivering a relevant message (2) Ads must Achieve the sponsor’s objectives
Advertising Objectives| Consumer’s Objectives|
1.Attention/Awareness | Satisfy curiosity/memory/entertainment| 2. interest| Identify personal needs|
3. knowledge | Gather relevant information|
4. attitude change| Support risk associated with attitude change| 5. behavioral change/trial| Enhance with reduction|
6. repurchase/ commitment/ reminder| Reinforce trial & need reduction|

* carefully directed to a certain audience
* driven by specific objectives
*the message is crafted to speak to that audience’s most important concerns *run in media that will most effectively reach that audience 2. CREATIVITY
Creative Concept is a central idea that gets your attention and sticks in your memory.

*Craftsmanship is impressive
*The details, the technique and production values have all been fine-tuned “How you say it is just as important as what to say”
What you say comes from strategy, whereas how you say it is a product of creativity and execution. The great ads then are ads that (1) are strategically sound, (2) have an original concept, (3) use exactly the right execution for the message ADVERTISING

“Ad vertere” meaning “to turn the mind toward”
* A paid communication about goods, services, ideas or institutions through the mass media designed to inform and / or influence one or more people in accordance with the intent of the advertiser. Types of Advertising

* Brand Advertising
-also called National Consumer Advertising
-focuses on the development of a long term brand identity and image
-tries to develop distinctive brand image for a product
* Retail or Local Advertising
* local and focuses on the store where a variety of products can be purchased or where a service is offered * Political Advertising
- used by politicians to persuade people to vote for them * Directory Advertising
* Directional because people refer to it to find out how to buy a product or service.

* Direct-Response Advertising
- can use any advertising medium, including direct mail, but the message is different from that of national and retail advertising in that it tries to stimulate a sale * Business-to-Business Advertising

- messages directed at retailers, wholesalers and distributors, as well as industrial purchasers and professionals. * Institutional Advertising
* Also called Corporate Advertising
* Focuses on establishing a corporate identity or on winning the public over to the organization’s point of view. * Public Service Advertising
- communicates a message on behalf of some good cause, such as a drug-free America or preventing child abuse. * Interactive Advertising
- Is delivered to individual consumers who have access to a computer and the Internet.

* Marketing Role
Marketing is the strategic process a business uses to satisfy consumer needs and wants through goods and services * Communication Role
- Advertising is a form of mass communication
- It informs and transforms the product by creating an image that goes beyond straightforward facts * Economic Role
The two major schools of thought concerning the effects of advertising on the economy are:
Market Power School
The Market Competition
* Societal Role
- It informs us about new and improved products and teaches us how to use these innovations.
- It helps us compare products and features and make informed consumer decisions.
- It mirrors fashion and design trends and contributes to our aesthetic sense FUNCTIONS OF ADVERTISING
* Provide product and brand information
* Provide incentives to take action
* Provide...
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