Bag Lady

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“Bag Lady”
Being less fortunate, doesn’t describe who you are as a person. It doesn’t change your personality. Just because I don’t shop at the same store as you, or live in the same neighborhood, doesn’t change the fact that I am smart, unique and talented.

Many people walk pass me; giving me weird and mean looks. I guess they think that I’m beneath them. Yeah, my clothes aren’t as bright as theirs. But that’s only because I ran out of Gain last year.

People are so judge-y. They don’t even know my story. I used to wear Gucci, Victoria Secret, Coach, and had least 10 North Face jackets. But did they know that? No! If it hadn’t been for that stupid truck, that just had to run the red light, it would be different. My daughters would be here, and my husband would too, and I might not be the “Bag Lady.”

But it did happen, and I am here. Having to deal with my new life, and my new nickname: “Bag Lady.” Every day is a new adventure, new people, new looks. There has never been a day that has gone by, where people’s children haven’t pointed at me. Asking “Why is her face so dirty?” or “Why does she have that big cart?”

Now that I’m here, and looking back at that time, when my family passed a “bag lady” and my daughter asked me “Why is she shivering?” and I told her to just keep walking. I will also remember and regret that day. I cloud have given that woman my coat, or even a warm and cozy hug; just to brighten her day. Now all I want is for someone to give me “Bag Lady” some love.
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