Badminton: Shuttlecock and Muscular Endurance

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The Game of Badminton

When you think of badminton, what do you think of? Do you see sweaty old women playing a game before their trip to the local bingo? Or maybe you imagine a weak little old man who has to stop playing because he got a bit excited and needs a sit down before his heart packs in? Well, I'm afraid you've got it all wrong! They're just myths! Throw them all away and grab hold of some facts!

The truth about Badminton

[IMAGE] It's an indoor game so the rain won't spoil your hair and you can play either with just you and a mate or you can play with four players. Note the names "Singles" and "Doubles"! It's a fantastic game for team building, getting really fit and to just have a good laugh!

[IMAGE] The aim of the game is to keep the shuttlecock (the thing that resembles a dead pigeon!) continuously rallying over the net until a player can't return it! You try and get as many points as you can and you simply do this by being on the serving side and having the opposition miss! Easy Peasy!

Equipment "R" Us

You need hardly any equipment to play badminton, so you won't need loads of money to have a good time! Firstly you'll need a racket. Rackets range quite a lot in price and quality. So, when you first begin to play you can buy a really cheap one for about a tenner and when you quickly become England's Olympic champion you can buy a lighter and slightly more expensive one!

Secondly you need a shuttlecock. When you first begin to pay you can buy a really cheap one which are synthetic and favoured by the thousands of other beginners which take up badminton every day.

Benefits, benefits and more benefits of playing badminton!

1. Playing badminton keeps you extremely fit and healthy. No more regular visits to the doctors!

2. It is fantastic cardio-vascular exercise. Which means in English, it's brilliant for your heart!

3. [IMAGE]It trains your body's endurance and therefore giving you more stamina. Next time, your running to catch the bus you've no need to fear about missing it! (Well, it depends how late you are. You should be more on time!)

4. Your strength will be built up making you toned and sexy!

5. You meet new people who also play badminton, increasing your social life. FANTASTIC!

6. After a hard day's work badminton allows you to relax, become stress free and even have some fun!
The Game of Badminton

Badminton is a well-known sport around the world. In order to beat your opponent in Badminton you would have to be better at the fitness components compared to your opponent. The [IMAGE]important fitness components important to Badminton are Speed + Agility and Muscular Endurance.

Speed as the fitness components is self-explanatory. Speed is the rate of movement of the body or any external things specified for the sport. Agility is the body's ability to change the position of the body and the direction quickly while maintaining the same speed. Speed is required in Badminton due to several reasons. As Badminton is considered the fastest racquet sport in the world speed and agility are automatically required. The shuttle leaving the racquet in a smash is shot at a speed of 180mph or more. Thus facing a smash like that requires the player to be a quick response from him. Therefore Agility and Speed are required. Also when a badminton rally is going on, the shuttle cock can go from one side of the court to the other and therefore moving around quickly and hitting the shuttle back without losing speed requires both agility and speed. Also sometimes the opponent can perform a long shot and suddenly a drop shot. Thus running all the way from one side of the court to the other requires speed and agility mixed together. Without agility and speed in a badminton game, it is impossible to win the game.

Muscular Endurance is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to perform repeated movement for a long...
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