Badminton Rules and Regulations

Topics: Warming up, Tennis, Play Pages: 4 (1645 words) Published: February 25, 2014

Warm up – Warming up before playing a game of badminton is vital to reduce the changes of a muscle or joint injury. To start a warm up a ‘pulse raiser’ must be done involving some form of continuous aerobic exercise to increase the heart rate. This could be a jog around the area being used, or if working with smaller children a game such as stuck in the mud is good to get their hearts pumping. After this it’s a good idea to do some dynamic stretches (such as sumos, lunges, etc) followed by static stretches (touching toes, pulling arm across body, etc). Finally, in relation to badminton, it may be a good idea to play some gentle shots for a few minutes to get into the mind set for a game and get the particular muscles used working. On average around 15 minutes should be spent warming up, and around the same amount of time warming down after the session or competition. Lying down straight after playing is not a good idea, so just gently do some stretches or walk around to relax the body and avoid the buildup of lactic acid. Temperature: If the hall being played in is particularly cold for whatever reason, make sure participants have warm clothing to put on in between games to avoid their muscles cooling down again. In hot conditions make sure participants drink plenty of water or sports drinks to avoid dehydration. Playing surface/Equipment/Clothing – Slippery floors are something to avoid when playing badminton. A lot of fast movement occurs and changing in direction so if the floor is slippery or the performers shoes don’t have enough grip it is simply an accident waiting to happen. Make sure the surface is appropriate before letting a game go ahead. The equipment in badminton only consists of a net, however make sure it is firmly attached and the poles holding them up are also firm on the group so they don’t fall over. Check participants aren’t wearing any jewelry that could get caught, and their clothes aren’t too baggy and are appropriate...
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