Badminton History

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Badminton was invented long time ago. Badminton was played in ancient Greece and Egypt. A game called battledore and shuttlecock in which two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. In India the game was known as POONA, named for a city of Bombay. During the British rule, officers stationed there become attracted to the game, taking the concept home with them. In 1873 the first game in England was played at badminton. The badminton association of England published the first set of rules in line whit the new regulations in 1893 and officially launched the game of badminton. England open Badminton Championships in 1899 and were the world’s first badminton competition.

1934 the International Badminton Federation was established. England, France, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand and many other counties were the first members. In 1936 India joined as an affiliate. Globally the Badminton World Federation governs and promotes the sport. In United States Badminton began with the first Badminton club in New York founded in 1878. The game flourished in the 1930 when places such as the YMCA and other institutions began offering badminton instruction. Many Hollywood starts helped to promote the sport in the 1930s. The different badminton groups throughout the United States got together to standardize the rules and regulations of the game in 1936.

The United States singles player, David Freeman, won the all England would championships in 1949, while all England would championship doubles were won the same year by the American players Clinton and Patsy Stevens. The history of badminton originated in England this international sport has been largely dominated by Asian countries and Denmark over the last few decades. Countries including South Korea, Malaysia, China and Indonesia have all produced would class players. China is currently the strongest badminton country, winning many major championships consistently over the last few...

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