Baderman's Traning Needs Assessment

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Baderman's Training Needs Assessment
Baderman Island is a large resort operation which depends upon its prime location and diverse environmental and cultural attractions to attract guests. Attracting events such as conventions, company retreats, and expositions are also key to the growth of the resort and to maintaining revenue streams. In order to attract guests and events, staff must be able to provide a world class environment for business and recreational guests. Key areas for training are customer service, local cultural attractions, and the needs of business travelers. Training Design

Baderman Island resorts will design training materials using task specific teams built from cross functional areas. All departments will be tasked with providing team members who will design training requirements, determine optimum outcomes, and develop training outlines. These training task forces will form the core of Baderman Island Resort's training development and training management program, and are the key to the programs success.

Training Development
Training will be conducted using a variety of delivery methods. Initial employee orientations will be conducted by Human Resources team members supplemented by staff from each functional area, who will provide overviews of their area and how it fits in the overall concept of operations at Baderman Island. Local area cultural attraction training will be outsourced to local chamber of commerce and historical society subject matter experts. These experts will be able to deliver quality training and specific examples based upon their expertise, which will enhance the impact of the training. This option should also be very cost efficient, since it is likely that the trainers will be available at no cost. The organizations providing the trainers will also benefit from this training, as it will create cross sell opportunities for the local attractions. Business traveler needs training will be outsourced to training...

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