Baddi and Pandav lila

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The Comparison between
“Lang and Bedwart rituals among the Baddi” and “Pandava lila” Zuofu He
Instruction: In this article, I will firstly demonstrate the main character of “Buddi” and “Pandav lila”, and combine the listening example and reading article, to analyze the difference of music feature and function in these two ritual activities. Pandavlila:

The Pandav lila is a ritual activity to ceremony the Pandava, who lived in the Mahabharata. It is performed during mainly the wintermonths in the village of Garhwal, Uttarakhand in the west central Himalaya. Some people thinks the Pandav lila can be classified as a ‘folk drama’ based on the Mahabharata. But it is not correct. The Pandav lila is better understood as ritual than as folk theatre, and this is no not only because it is regarded as a shraddha, but also because it is believed to be efficacious in a way that merely drama is not. Pandav lila are performed in order to prey manifesting as disease, famine or an impending catastrophe. In order to prepare and maintain a suitable place for the deities to reside, a number of procedures must be followed. First, local ghosts, demons, and other disruptive spiritual being are pacified, usually by offering them raw vegetables and uncooked grain, and ones the drama has begun, such offering are made at the beginning and end of each performance. Likewise the chief performers must remain pure by observing celibacy, following a strict vegetarian diet, avoiding intoxicants, limiting their sleep, and so on. In the music aspect, there are some important characters should be noticed. Firstly, the duration of Pandav lila is varies, as dose the time of the year in which they are performed and the episodes with which they culminate. In the west of Garhwal in the Tons river basin, the performances occur only in the month of Magh, Shravan and Margasheersh. In the Mandakini river basin in Chamoli District, performances last up to six weeks, and culminate in the chakravyuha or...
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