Topics: Exercise, Weight training, Exercise physiology Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Principle | Aerobic Application| Resistance Application|
Progressive overload| Long distance and progressing which improves you. E.G. 1st day 2k 2nd day 2.5k 3rd day 2k in a faster time 4th day 2.5k in a faster time.| In the gym – increasing weight of weights or reps done with weight to progress and improve over a period of time.| Specificity| Netball – long runs with intervals of sprinting to improve fitness and jumping ability during game.| Swimming a long distance swim – swimming the distance with weights on for every 200 metres and then 200 meters off.| Reversibility| Swimming – Being out of the water for 2 weeks will have a reverse affect in your performance. E.g. it will have a reverse effect on fitness levels, lung capacity and increase your lactate speed.| If you’re not training for a period of time find other things to do so you’re not completely out when you start again e.g. stretching.| Variety| Alternating runs with cycling and rowing to build up aerobic capacity.| Substituting weight lifting activities, with strength training using your own body weight, e.g. Push-ups and chin-ups.| Training thresholds| The aerobic training threshold occurs at approximately 70% of the person's maximum heart rate (MHR), or at approximately 50-60% of that person's max VO2 (volume of oxygen uptake) and is equivalent to a moderately paced jog. As fitness improves pace and distance needs to increase.| In resistance training the weight and intensity of the activity must increase as fitness increases.| Warm up and Cool down| The longer and more aerobic the race the longer warm up and cool down needed to prevent injury eg. 1500m run- stretching, jogging, jumping some small sprints.| warm up- light weights or resistance bands to pump your muscles up but not enough to create lactic acid build up Cool down- walking, stretching or even an ice bath. |
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