Bad Side Effects of Using Computer to Human Health and Way to Overcome

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This research is a study about the bad side effects of using computer to human health. Since, computer is widely used by all level of community, so we should know the bad side effect of using computers to our health. In order to reduce the bad side effects of using computers, this research suggests the ways to maintain our health when using computer.


The health problems that arise because of the use of computers, in this country had increased from time to time. There are few types of health problems that are caused by using computers, which not only include people who work in white collar jobs, but also it includes teenagers and children. Although computer have a lot of benefits to our life, but it also creates a lot of health problems.

Health problems due to the use of computers used

According the internet websites, and it is found that, the use of computers can give rise to the following health problems:

1. Posture and Tension
Sitting or slouching in front of a computer for long periods of time and making repetitive small movements with our fingers and wrists will affect our structure. Some of the effects will be direct, as in placing unusual strains on our spines and the ligaments in our wrists. More importantly, long periods of immobility will introduce habits of muscular tension, which may affect us throughout our lives.

2. Breathing and Blood Circulation
When holding ourselves still for long periods of time and doing low energy work, we tend to breathe in a very shallow manner. Long periods of shallow breathing means that a lot of stale air remains in our lungs and the efficiency of oxygen uptake from our lungs into our blood is reduced. Our blood oxygen levels drift lower and lower and the blood supply to our muscles, our digestive system, internal organs and to our brain is affected. Our bodies and our brains are unable to work at optimum levels. This can affect everything from the number of headaches we experience to our mental efficiency, our resistance to common illnesses, our physical fitness and our hearts.

3. Digestive System and Skin Health
Even if we eat the best, freshest and most wholesome food, healthy digestion depends on our stomach and abdomen being relaxed and mobile. Waves of movement travel along the tube, which makes up our gastro-intestinal tract. These waves must be able to travel freely without being affected by tension or our abdomens being compressed by hunching over ourselves. Smooth muscle movement, light exercise and even breathing, drive our lymphatic system, which is primarily responsible for waste removal from tissues and cells throughout the body. If our digestion is sluggish we feel just the same and whatever we put in our mouth is not digested properly. If our lymph is sluggish, our skin health is poor, our breath and body odour may stink and our pimples will be worse. 4. Electromagnetic Radiation

Be aware that sitting in front of a cathode ray tube which is beaming electrons directly at your face and brain is not a good idea. Those of you who get headaches from sitting in front of your screens, on your mobile phones or under fluorescent tubes beware, your bodies are trying to tell you something is wrong.

5. Eye Health
Computers do not harm your eyes, but often cause temporary problems. The reason is that when you look in the distance, your eyes are relatively relaxed. But when doing near work, such as reading your computer screen, muscles in your eyes have to work harder to keep a clean near focus. These muscles get tired after extended use, resulting in eyestrain, blurry near...
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