Bad Parenting and Hate Crimes

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Bad Parenting and Hate Crimes


The effects of bad parenting cannot be patrolled by the federal government because of the freedoms afforded to American citizens in the constitution. Bad parents instill in their children a number of negative values and morals that influence how they treat others and their relationship with crime. There are many institutions afforded by the federal government like public schools, police departments and social service programs that aid children from troubled homes. More solutions to the problem of bad parenting and the discriminatory tradition they pass on to their children are needed and discussed. How society reacts to hate crimes committed by minors is further examined as well as the appropriate punishments for hate crimes committed by minors. The negative impacts of bad parenting and how parents have the autonomy to raise their children however they want is highlighted throughout.


The United States constitution grants several civil liberties that are fundamental in ensuring our democracy prospers. Two of those most important civil liberties is found in the first amendment of the constitution. The freedom of speech and the freedom to exercise religion ensures that as American citizens, the right to say whatever you want and believe in whatever you want cannot be infringed upon by the federal or state governments. As an American citizen, you have the right to teach your children from the religious institution of your choosing. Also, as an American citizen, you have the right to teach your children how to communicate with others. American citizens have the right to raise their children however they want. Parents have the right to instill in their children whatever belief system they want. It is their right and no one can infringe upon that right regardless of how offensive and wrong their belief systems may be. That freedom is one of the main factors in the sustaining of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Americans have the right to be as offensive as humanly possible. What leads a parent to choose to be racist or sexist is not the focus of this paper. Given the hypothetical scenario, what this paper is focused on is how can children take what they have learned from their parents or other sources and commit hate crimes? Are hate crimes committed by minors serious infractions that must be punished accordingly? And what are the solutions that could deter minors from committing these types of crime?

The Negative Influence On Our Children

Child development is a complex issue that includes many factors of which family members can only control so much. Television, radio, newspaper, video games and the internet all influence the development of children to some degree. Parenting focuses on the factors pertaining mostly within the household. Most children will spend a substantial amount of time outside of their homes with friends, at school and a number of outdoor activities. Children absorb information from everything and everyone they come into contact with. That fact alone makes it impossible for a parent to protect their kids from negativity outside of their home. What parents can do to reduce the dangerous information that exists in our society is instill in their children morals and values that help them navigate what they learn outside of their home as it pertains to what they believe to be true (Bynum, Huebner, Ingram, McCluskey & Patchin 2007). Strong morals and values help filter negative information by allowing a person to dismiss all things that go against what they believe and focus on the positive information that reaffirms their belief system (Bynum, Huebner, Ingram, McCluskey & Patchin 2007). Parents are responsible for instilling in their children the communicational tools and learning techniques necessary to recognize and reject negative information they encounter whether it be from television, radio, newspaper, video games and especially the...

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