Bad Parenting

Topics: Teacher, Education Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: September 28, 2006
Not paying attention to your child is one of the worst things you can do to their ego, it affects them directly and indirectly. One affect of not paying attention to your child is an increased problem causing attitude in school. Children that don't have proper attention at home are bond to try and seek some attention, and what better place than at their school. The child could be obnoxious, always talking about of term or answering the teachers questions wrong just to get the reaction out of the teacher and then the reaction out of the students. A decline of grades can also be a sign of bad parenting and in the same way a cry for attention. Some kids, now don't get bad grades because they try and honestly that's as high as they can get, now days kids are getting bad grades just so they can get that paper sent home with the parents signature required to see if their parents even notice. My personal opion about the whole grade issue is that is the last straw a kid can take. I think that if a child brings home a report card with two f's and 2 d's that is the worst ever. It shows that the parents don't care where their child ends up. If your parents don't care about you doing good in school why would they care about you doing drugs? Why would they care about you dropping out of school? Why would they care about you being in a gang? As lame as these questions sound these are things that cross a child's mind.

A life of crime is also a path that a kid could turn to caused by bad parenting.
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