Bad Mananger Good Manager

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Stefan Repac
Feb. 19th 2009
Good and Bad Managers?
In life we can not chose the people we work for and we will all have good and poor managers throughout our lives. The kind of manager a person has can have a big impact on them and how hard they work and how well they perform. One great experience I had with a manager was back in 2007 when I was a senior in high school and I worked at Costco. The reason I had a really good relationship with my manager was because he was very understanding for example he knew that I was still in school and was pretty busy with sports so he would allow me to pick good hours to work that would work for me and him and allow me to succeed and school and in sports. One thing I really liked about him was that almost everyday when I would see him at work he would be in a good mood and im sure he had problems just like everybody and had bad days but he didn’t show that while he was at work. Another reason why he was such a great managers was that no matter what happened I could always tell him weather I was asking him for advice and telling him about a mistake I made he was very understanding and would do his best to solve the situation without yelling at me or making me feel like an idiot. Finally the thing I found the be best about him was that he made me want to work harder when he was around and perform better since he was so good to me I always tried to do my best and never wanted to disapoint him. On the other hand the one time I had a poor manager was when I had my first job at Shaws. He was always in a bad mood and he would show it and whenever something would go wrong I would always be the one to blame for it since I was new and the youngest person working. Another reason why I felt he was a bad manager was because I could never really talk to him or ask for help because he would just end up yelling at me and nothing would be resolved. Having a poor manager who wasn’t nice to me and didn’t treat me good made me not care, I...
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