Bad Influence Cartoon

Topics: Family Guy, Cartoon, Seth MacFarlane Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Life is a learning experience; we live, we learn, and we grow. Sometimes I like to look at life on the monkey see, monkey do saying. Kids especially are known to do this. They tend to mimic everything that they see, and this is how they learn new things. On today’s television there are so many different shows and cartoons that kids learn things from some of the things they learn are great and other things are not so good for children viewing such as the cartoon Family Guy. People may look at Family Guy as a very funny cartoon but in all it’s actually a very rude show. When the creator came up with it I do not think that he/she thought that children would be into this show and I do not think that this cartoon was even made for children viewing because of its contents; but the fact still remains that they are looking at this show. Family Guy is not your ordinary cartoon. It has a lot of violence, sex, bad language, drinking, drugs, and smoking. Majority of the time either something has a bad influence or it has a good influence whether it be the friends we surround ourselves around, or the music we listen to but mainly what we visually encounter is what has the greater effect on who what we do and who we become. There is nothing good about Family Guy that would influence a child to head into the right direction. It does not teach children to be respectful in any way. The children that are watching this cartoon begin to mimic the baby whose name is Stewie and the dog named Brian. It does not help the show in anyway with making the dog and the baby the smartest family members of the show.

Sometimes parents may be driving or cleaning for example and their child may say something that they never thought their child would say such as “damn”, and then, they may wonder where they get that from. Parents need to monitor the shows that their children watch because it’s a proven fact that kids imitate what they see. A lot of parents do overlook Family Guy because they may...
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