Bad Habits while Driving

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Driver's license Pages: 4 (1069 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Tyler Lawson
English 111
Kenet Adamson

For the revision of one of my essay's, I choose to do my Illustration essay. For my illustration essay I choose to do the topic “Bad Habits While Driving.” Before some of the essay was wrong and supposedly copyrighted but I rewrote it into my words again so therefore this time it shouldn't be wrong. Now on one of the quotes that I gave I forgot to give credit to the website and that was definitely copyrighted and I totally forgot to put that. I added the website to the statistic I gave and changed a few of the spelling and grammatical errors I noticed. So all in all I believe that this essay is better than my last. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Tyler Lawson
English 111
Kenet Adamson
Bad Habits While Driving
I remember the first time I got my license, I wanted everyone to see me and to see what I could do in the parking lot with my new truck. The first day I drove after I got my license I thought I knew everything there was about a vehicle and I could handle anything. Well I was wrong, there was a lot of things that I needed to learn and realize how dangerous it actually is driving. When I got out of school just like any teenager now a days was on there telephone texting and calling there parents or friends to hang out. They were getting behind the wheel of the car and driving off to go get something to eat and eating behind the wheel driving to fast trying to impress everyone. Driving is a privilege that should be taken serious and not have any distractions. There are some bad habits while driving that the every common person has from driving to fast, eating, and most worst habit using a cellphone.

Every time you turn on a TV or listen to the radio nine times out of ten I would bet that you would hear something about someone dieing in a car accident. I know for my self when I have to get someone on a certain time and I'm late I'll drive fast to...
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