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Topics: Driving, Device, Drunk driving Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Many of today's drivers have dangerous habits. While we are driving, we can observe these hazardous habits on highways, residential streets, and in parking lots, on a regular basis. They can range from texting while driving, to applying makeup, to failing to use turn signals, and even just driving while they are overly tired. In addition to these, is driving while intoxicated, which is arguably the worst thing a person can do while driving. These can all cause detrimental or even fatal consequences. Dangerous driving habits are not only harmful to the person behind the wheel, but to the public as well. It’s extremely important that drivers avoid these behaviors, and understand that these issues need to be taken seriously. It only takes second for something fatal and irreversible to occur.

The most dangerous driving habit is driving after consuming alcohol. If you drink and drive, not only do you possibly put yourself at risk, but your passengers and pedestrians, and other people on the roads. Drinking and driving do not mix and the consequences can be prevented. A simple solution can be by simply having designated drivers to help keep drunk drivers off the road. Drunk drivers are a menace at every hour of the day, but during the night they are more often to be found on the roads. Drinking under the influence is a dangerous habit that many of today's drivers have. . After just one drink, a driver can lose their ability to perform the tasks necessary to drive a car. For someone who has been licensed for some time, drinking and driving habits may be the result of feeling over confident in their abilities to drive.

Texting while driving is a form of ‘distracted driving.’ The term not only applies to using cell phones when behind the wheel, but also to actions such as eating, drinking, putting on make-up, smoking, and using other devices such as iPods and GPSs. These activities lead to “inattention blindness” which defers drivers focus from the road to the...
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