Bad Effects of Tv

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Birth control Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Nowadays most of families have at least one television in house. The main purposes of using TV are relaxation, reducing loneliness and educating children. We, however, have to consider both sides of watching television. Recent research studies point out/ indicate a few negative effects of television on children like overweight, sleep problems and sexuality information. First, spending a lot of hours on TV leads to be overweight, according to the American Medical association. There are three main reasons have been offered for the relationship between television and childhood overweight are eating while watching TV, displacement and the influence of food advertising. While watching television people tend to consume large amounts of unhealthy food items such as chips and soft drinks. Television is only promoting the sedentary lifestyle that people follow and this in turn has contributed to obesity. Instead of being physically active, kids watch TV, which does not help in burning calories and increasing metabolism like jumping, running or doing outside activities, cause gaining weight. While watching TV, the metabolic rate seems to go even lower than during rest. This means that a person would burn fewer calories while watching TV than when just sitting quietly, doing nothing. The advertising of unhealthy foods to children is highly effective. Food commercials increase children's preferences for the advertised products and make kids more likely to ask their parents to buy the products for them. The food and beverage industry targets children with their television marketing. Most of the products pushed on kids are high in total calories, sugars, salt, and fat, and low in nutrients. Chubby kids, if they still keep their habits, they will become plumper when they grow up. Second, watching TV can cause sleep problems in children. Regular sleep schedules are an important part of healthy sleep. A recent study found that infants and toddlers who watch TV have more...
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