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bad day

By aseelki Sep 23, 2013 535 Words

Bad day
One day, I was playing with my two sisters hide and find game. It was our favorite game ever, and we used to play it every day. But, in that day we were alone and our parents were in my aunt’s house. while we were playing it, my sisters hide from me. Suddenly, I heard their voices in our parent’s room, so I quickly ran to their room. But, when I tried to open the door, I found it closed. Then, I shouted for them to open the door, but they didn’t answer. After that, I sat down to think of idea in order to get in and play with them again. Two second ago and I found it. I looked to our parents room’s door. It was very old and had small holes in it, so I can enter through it a scissor. Then I go to find scissor and finally I found it. At the same time my sisters were asking why they didn’t hear my voice again so, one of my sisters bows her head and tried to look at me from the hole ,in the same time while I was entering the scissor in the hole. Suddenly , I heard Shouroq my sister cried. Then Fatima my other sister opened the door, and here was the surprise. I saw a lot of blood on the ground . it was my sister’s lips. While I was entering the scissor in the hole my sister’s lips were there. She was trying to see me from one hole and in the other hole was her lips, so I found that I cut her lips. It was hard to believe how it happened and how I do it, even if I was a little boy who is 8 years old. After, I ran to my aunts home to tell my father what happened to us. my father came to home and take my sister to the hospital. In the other hand, I didn’t know what I have to do, so I hid in the bathroom from my parents. honestly, I was very frightened from my dad more than my fear for my sister. After few hours, my father came with my sister. I heard that she was good, and after two weeks the doctors will suture the wounds Then, my father tell me to step out from the bathroom and he wouldn’t hit me, but I was really afraid of him, so I couldn’t. after one hour, I gave up and I went out. In that moment, my father caught me. He asked me how this happened and how I dare to play with dangerous things like scissors. I felt guilty and I really regret, so my father didn’t hit me. He asked me to apologize from her and never ever play with such things. Finally, I learned a lot of things from what happened to me in that bad day. I learned that I mustn’t play with sharp and dangerous stuff like scissors or knifes, because if we didn’t know how to use it, it will be very harmful especially for children .

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