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Unit 7
In this piece of coursework, there are few amounts of ideas and experiments that I could achieved of which different products to test for my concluding idea. The type of bacteria that I am going to discuss and chosen is E-coli. I will also going to research the effectiveness of antibacterial cleaning products, for instance sanitizer. I will also, research which is the most effective product for the house hold and some other work places.

Background Information

What are Bacteria?
Bacteria are found in: soil, radioactive waste, water, plants, animals, deep in the earth's crust, organic material, arctic ice and hot springs, basically everywhere except for places that humans have sterilized. Even the most unlikely places where temperatures may be extreme, or where there may be a high concentration of toxic chemicals have bacteria - these are known as extremophiles (an extremophile is any organism adapted to living in conditions of extreme temperature, pressure, or/and chemical concentrations) - these bacteria can survive where no other organism can.

There are three different types of bacteria which are: spherical, rod shaped and spiral. Normally, the spherical ones are the most ordinary bacteria and bacteria shaped like this are called cocci. Rod shaped bacteria are identified as bacilli. Some of these bacteria are rounded and these are identified as vibrio. Spiral bacteria are identified as spirilla and if their coil is very tight they are known as spirochetes.

There are many variations within each shape group.

There are many categories of bacteria and one of them is E-coli. E-coli are bacteria that exist in humans’ intestines and animals’ intestine. Most of this type of bacteria is harmless although some types can make you sick. For instance, E. coli O157:H7 is one of the worst types of E. coli, this is because it causes diarrhea and can occasionally lead to kidney failure and even...
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