Backward Design

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Backward Design
Healthy community
Title: How does a healthy community look like? Subject: English Topic: Healthy community Grade: 7 Designer: laila Established Goals:

Talking and listening:
Communicate in simple formal and informal situations, expressing ideas and opinions clearly. •Vary strategies for talking and listening according to different familiar purposes and audiences. •Speak on familiar topics for different purposes, selecting language, grammar and vocabulary to suit the audience and context. •Present a short speech on a familiar topic fluently and in a way that engages the audience. •Follow or give oral instructions for directions, for example, for a game, recipe or learning activity. •Work in groups, brainstorm and conferencing in order to deliver a group report. •Self-correct when speaking.

Use strategies to read and respond to a range of simple texts for information and enjoyment, making connections between the text and their own experiences. Read and respond to a range of written and visual texts produced for a range of purposes and audiences. •Identify how sentences or paragraphs are organized to present information. •Find specific information in a range of simple factual texts. •Use an English dictionary to check the meaning and uses of new words. •Recognize how the grammatical features of a text contribute to it meaning, for example, the use of reference links, word chains, adverbial and adjectival phrases. •Discuss texts with peers in order to refine their own understanding. •Explain the ideas, information and points of view in particular texts. Read closely, analyze and re-read more challenging texts for deeper understanding and appreciation. Writing:

Plan, draft, and edit when writing imaginative and factual texts that relate to their own experiences and interests. Write clearly for different familiar purposes and audiences, using appropriate language. •Use grammar and punctuation correctly.

Use spelling conventions and strategies in spelling and word building activities. •Use knowledge of sentences structure, grammar and punctuation to edit their own writing. •Work in groups when planning and editing their writing. Plan, draft, edit and revise their writing.

Use and adopt the conventions of different types of texts, for example, report, biography, explanation and narrative. Understandings: Essential Questions
Students will understand that….
There are healthy and unhealthy communities.
Leisure time is part of being healthy.
Food pyramid is essential when designing a food menu

What is a healthy community?
Are there any healthy communities?
What is a healthy meal?
Is leisure time part of being healthy?
How to write an information report about a healthy community?

Students will know….Students will be able to…
Ancient sports
First Olympics
Victorian housing (life for poor & life for rich) & health. •Health facts
Health misconceptions. Compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy communities. •Categorize healthy food (protein, carbohydrates .etc)
Read texts about health
Write an information report about “how does a healthy community look like”. •Interpret the food pyramid

Performance Task:
Students are to choose one of the following articles “There is more to orange than vitamin C”, “Watermelon: nutritious, delicious and refreshing”, “can stress causes weight gain”, “cost of living” students are to prepare a presentation of the article they read and present it to their classmates.

Key Criteria:
-Cover all important points mentioned in the article.
- Presentation supported by details and examples.
- Visual aids
- Presenter is using her own words
Other Evidence:
Writing task (write an information report about...
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