Backstreet Boys:Background Information Origin Genres

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Backstreet Boys


Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys

Background information Origin Genres Orlando, Florida, United States Pop Pop rock R&B [1] Teen pop [1] Adult contemporary

Years active 1993–present Labels Website Jive Records (1994–2010) Members Brian Littrell Nick Carter A. J. McLean Howie Dorough Former members Kevin Richardson [2]

Backstreet Boys are an American vocal group, formed in Orlando, Florida in 1993. The band originally consisted of A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson. In 2006 Richardson left the group to pursue other interests leaving the band as a four-piece,[3] but the remaining members did not rule out a possible return of the singer.[4] They rose to fame with their debut album, Backstreet Boys (1996). The following album, Backstreet's Back (1997) continued the group's success worldwide. They rose to superstardom with their album Millennium (1999) and its follow-up album, Black & Blue (2000). After a three-year hiatus, the band regrouped and have since released three albums: Never Gone (2005), Unbreakable (2007) and This Is Us (2009). The band has sold over 130 million records worldwide,[5] making them one of the biggest selling groups of all time. According to Billboard, they are the first group since Sade to have their first seven albums reach the top 10 on the chart.[6]

Backstreet Boys


Formation and early years (1992–1995)
Cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, both of whom came from Lexington, Kentucky, initially began singing in local church choirs and festivals while they were children.[7] Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean were natives of Orlando, Florida, who met each other and later discovered Nick Carter through auditions who joined the two for local commercials, theater, and television.[7] The three, realizing at one audition, that they all shared a great affection for classical soul which they were able to harmonize together, decided to form a trio.[7] Meanwhile, Richardson moved to Orlando, where he took a job as a tour guide at Disney World and concentrated on music at nights.[7] Eventually, he met Dorough, Carter, and McLean through a co-worker, and the four decided to form a group.[7] Brian Littrell was later invited to join, turning the group into a quintet.[8] In the course of all this, Lou Pearlman, in early 1992 had placed an ad in Orlando Sentinel announcing auditions to compose a boy band.[9] A.J., who was the first to audition for Pearlman in his living room, became the group's first member.[9] In January 1993, Pearlman held an open casting call during which hundreds of young performers danced and sang at his blimp hangar in Kissimmee, south of Orlando.[9] Eventually, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Howie Dorough were selected meeting Pearlman's expectations.[9] Pearlman decided to call the group Backstreet Boys naming it after Orlando's Backstreet flea market.[9] The group had its very first performance at SeaWorld Orlando in May 1993.[9] Afterward Pearlman called on Bob Curiano to write and produce for the Backstreet Boys. Pearlman booked them at grade-school assemblies and shopping malls, and assigned management duties to Johnny Wright and Donna Wright,[8] the former of whom had previously worked with New Kids on the Block. The Wrights organized performances for the group and invited several A&R representatives to the shows, which resulted in having a contract with Jive Records in March 1994.[10] [11] Jive introduced the Backstreet Boys with such producers as Veit Renn and Tim Allen who helped them with their first album.[10] The album was released throughout Europe and enjoyed rather big success spending many consecutive weeks on the Top-10 charts in most countries.[10] In the first several months of recording for Jive Records, they worked mainly at studios located in Florida.

Rise to stardom (1995–1998)
The first single that was chosen to be released was...
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