Backpack and Lockers

Topics: Backpack, Locker, So Many Things Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: July 24, 2006
Our school should have lockers. Lockers are good because they help you hold your books and other items. Lockers also help us learn responsibility. Having lockers also helps them learn organization (Hernandez). It will help children not have back problems.

Lockers will help hold out stuff. When ever I bring my lunch box to school I barely have anymore hands to carry my books, water bottle or thermos, PE clothes, and sometimes my Ceramics projects. So when I have to hold so many things they sometimes fall out of my hands. The metal thermos gets dents, books get grass and dirt stains, ceramic projects crack, PE clothes get even dirtier, and the lunch box gets scratched. If I had a locker I would put my books in there until I needed them. I would take my lunchbox out during lunch and put it back when it's done. Leave my projects in there for a few days or until I want to take it home. For my PE clothes, on Mondays I will leave it in my locker until I have PE. As for Fridays, the dirty clothes will stay there until the 6th period bell rings so I will be able to take it home. If I could do that the only thing that I would carry everyday would be a water bottle or thermos. Lockers will help us learn responsibility by remembering to bring our books and other school materials. It also makes you to remember to bring your key for your lock. If you forget your lock then you will not have any of your books. So, that means you will loose some points and maybe write a lot of sentences to help you remember. It may also test your memory skills by having you remember a 3 number code. Lockers will help lots of people to learn organization. If you have a messy locker, you cannot find your books, homework assignments, and personal items. If you don't have those things then you will have to suffer the consequences. Eventually they will get tired of it, so they will make it nice, clean, and organized. That is good because the habit or keeping this clean will stay with your for a...
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