Background Story of Heineken

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Background story of Heineken

Heineken was founded on 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken after he bought a brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the past 140 years, three generations of the Heineken family have built and expanded the brand and the company in Europe and around the world. Heineken expanded using mergers and acquisitions, struggling between concessions to the market and its belief in the high quality, and price, standards that put it on the map in the first place. Pursuing quality excellence through innovations projected Heineken to success. By 1893 HBM (Heineken's Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij) has grown in its first twenty years from a small company to a large-scale industry. The groundwork has been laid for future expansion.

In 1914, the company begins efforts to expand to Asia. Modern communication and advertising come into its own as Heineken moves into foreign markets. An international springboard is created for future global expansion.In 1931, Heineken and Fraser & Neave in Singapore start Malayan Breweries Limited (MBL), now Asia Pacific Breweries, operating in China, South-East Asia and New Zealand.

In 2000, Heineken expands its operations in China, Nigeria, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia and Spain main through acquisition local breweries and brands and even setting up new breweries in potential markets. For example, an agreement is signed with Hainan Brewery Co. Ltd. (HBCL) for the construction of a brewery on Hainan Island in China.

Currently, the business is further shaped through acquisitions and joint ventures, ensuring the creation of value. In Russia and China the position of Heineken is strengthened through acquisitions.
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