Background Of The Study

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Background of the study
MARK THOMAS CAR SERVICES CENTER, INC. was organized in the 3rd quarter of 2002 to strengthen its financial capability as a result of growing lists of its clientele. Originally established by husband and wife team of Arnold Bautista and Estrella Bautista bearing the same name and business acronym of TOM’S in early 2001 from borrowed capital, the company started from repair of mechanical engine parts and assemblies. Hiring of foreign-trained mechanic and experts from manila has attracted customers from various sectors of society in Lucena City. Later, the company ventured into the vehicle body repair business and gained accreditation from several insurance companies and government agencies. However, the company struggled to give better services and incurred delays in the delivery and problems with its customer due to limited financial resources though quality of workmanship has been maintained. In 2nd quarter of 2002, the husband and wife team approached AB KREST Lending Investor, its primary financier, to form the company into a corporation and offered the majority ownership with an objective of improving its management system and financial health. In November 2002, a group of investors, from Herrera-Algozo family and AB KREST Lending Investor, bought into the company getting 80% of ownership through dept-to-equity conversion.

Statement of the problem
Main problem
Due to the high demand of customer satisfactory rate and boost of popularity, MARK THOMAS CAR SERVICES CENTER, INC. is having hard time of organizing customer prioritization. The “first come first serve” rule is not enough to handle the said situation. Also difficulty of using the manually inventorying and transaction processing of this company is added to the case thus, resulting it into time consuming situations. The case study entitled Inventory and Billing Transaction System for Tom’s Mark Thomas Car Services Center, Inc. aims to solve...
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