Background of Magnum Ice

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Background of Magnum Ice-Cream
Streets are an Australian company originating from New South Wales. Set up in the 1920’s by Edwin ‘Ted’ Street, Street began selling ice-cream to the local community along with selling sweets, cakes and lemonade from the back of his shop (Streets 2009). Due to the impending demand and popularity of his products, Edwin set up the first Streets factory for production of ice-cream in 1923. Edwin- along with his son Ronald Street managed to maintain a strong reputation amongst the public and launched the popular ‘Paddle Pop’ ice-cream in 1953 along with the creation of the ‘Paddle-Pop Lion’ (Streets 2009). The Paddle-Pop Lion up to this day is still utilized by Streets as an influential marketing tool to which Streets market their Paddle-Pop ice-creams to. They use the popular logo to create awareness amongst their target market which is Children aged three to twelve. In the 1960’s Streets was sold to the British/Dutch Company Unilever who launched the Walls brand in the United Kingdom which incorporated a similar logo to that of Streets (as seen to the left). Unilever though chose to bear with tradition in Australia and persist with the Streets name in order to not to misplace the popularity of the brand in Australia. Unilever initially launched the first Magnum ice-cream in 1987 (Wikipedia 2009) which was renamed the Magnum Classic in 1989. Magnum was sold under the Walls brand name in the United Kingdom and most other parts of the world and under the Streets name in Australia. In 1992 with the help of extensive market research, Unilever launched different flavours of the Magnum ice-cream such as Almond, Mind and Double-Choc. Today there are six different varieties of the Magnum ice-cream available in Australia: Classic, Ecuador Dark, Almond, Ego Caramel, white, Choc Hazelnut and Peppermint.

Ice-Cream Market Information
Ice-cream being an item of indulgence for many people continuously endeavours to become more and more popular...
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