Background of 1 and 2 Thessalonians: The Second Missionary Journey of Paul (Acts 16:6-40; 17:1-15)

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Background of 1&2 Thess. – The 2nd missionary journey of Paul (Acts 16:6-40; 17:1-15)

Paul’s commission to the Gentiles – Acts 9:15; Eph. 3:1-12 Paul has a great burden for Israel (Jew) – Rom. 9:1-3

Paul’s Method of Evangelization:
1.REASON – to discourse using questions & answers.
2.OPENING – simply means, “Explaining”.
3.ALLEGING – to lay beside (Paul would lay beside Scripture to Scripture in an orderly manner.) 4.PREACH – to proclaim (Paul not just teach but he preach Christ.)

Paul’s Approach in Evangelism:
1.He used the Word of God.
2.He declared the Son of God.
3.He started where the people where.
4.He then led them to truth of the Gospel.

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1

3 Important Lessons 2 Thess. 2:9
1.God uses people to evangelize. *Silas, Luke, Timothy
What kind of people? Dedicated people
2.The Gospel stills the power of God unto Salvation.
3.Satan stills oppose the Gospel & persecute God’s people.

The Burden. Why did Pau write this letter?
1.He wanted to assure them his love & concern.
2.He wanted them to ground them in the Doctrine of the Christian’s faith particularly in Christ’s return. 3.He wanted to correct some weaknesses in the church.
Some people are not respecting & honoring their spiritual leader •Other people were refusing to work
Some confusion in the public worship service

The Blessing
The message of 1&2 Thessalonians: The return of Jesus Christ & how this vital doctrine can affect our lives and churches & makes us more spiritual.

1 Thess. 1:10 – Salvation & Assurance
2:9-20 – Soulwinning & Service
3:11-13 – Stability in Christian Living
4:13-18 – Strength in Sorrow
5:23-24 – Sanctification of Life

V10 wait – waiting expectingly with confidence
When JESUS returns:
Rom. 8:23-25 – Redemption
Gal. 5:5 – Hope of righteousness
Phil. 3:20-21 – a new body
Jn. 14:1-6 – He’ll take us home
Rom. 14:10-13 – He’ll reward us, for the service which...
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