Background and Needs of the Program

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Background and Needs of the Program
Many adult educational programs exist for the underserved populations, the programs offer an extensive variety of educational opportunities as well as personal benefits for the individuals who utilize the programs. Additionally the programs strives to enhance educational opportunities for the adults who may exist with challenges in reference to his or her education level, income level, possesses a disability status, or resides in an unfavorable geographic location. It is not uncommon for foundations to primarily exist from the support of grants and private contributions. The JPL Foundation, Inc. is not an exception to the previous statement. The following paragraphs will serve as documentation in reference to providing a background of The JPL Foundation, Inc. to include the organizations history, structure. Additionally, the following paragraphs will serve as documentation in reference to key characteristics of the program. The key characteristics will include the organizations primary activities and services. The latter paragraphs will serve as documentation in reference to the needs of the organizations program to include diversity and how the organization will meet the needs with the assistance of grants. Organizational Background

The JPL Foundation, Inc., founded in 1985 as a private not for profit organization. The organization maintains a website and individuals can view the foundations information at The JPL Foundation utilizes the organizations financial resources to assist the improvement of the library’s facilities, obtaining books, computers, and supports the library’s Center for Adult Learning. According to the foundations website, the foundations mission statements exists as simple, The JPL Foundation's mission “is to provide the resources that enhance and enrich the Jacksonville Public Library” (Jacksonville Public Library, 2013, para. 2). The structure of the program falls under the City of Jacksonville, Florida. The mayor of Jacksonville oversees the program, however, guided by the board of trustees, city council members, and the board officers. Key Characteristics

The Center of Adult Learning, an adult educational program offered by the JPL Foundation, offers adults free educational classes to individuals who may exists as educationally underserved. The adult education classes assist students in four areas. The areas of instruction consist of reading, math, life skills, and English as a second language. The Center for Adult Learning will evaluate his or her educational needs and reading levels. The instructors will utilize a variety of tools for the facilitation of the classes. The instructors may use computers, audio, and video tapes for avenues for the students to receive instruction. According to Jaskula, “Center for Adult Learning first began providing reading instruction to adult learners in 1985. They currently offer small group and computer-assisted instruction in reading, math, pre GED and English language skills to more than 800 adults annually” (2009, para. 2).

The reading program at the Center for Adult Learning helps participants’ word abilities, phonics, and increase participants’ vocabulary, increase his or her reading comprehension, and spelling skills. According to Math, “adult learning and literacy is important because low literacy affects individuals, families and society in a variety of adverse ways. It impacts health, crime rates, employment and future generations” (2013, para. 2).

In reference to the math portion of the curriculum offered by the Center for Adult Learning, the center assists adult learners in everyday math skills in reference to balancing a checkbook, unit pricing, and using a calculator. Previously the primary emphasis in reference to adult education has existed in reference to how adults learn and improve adult literacy skills. “However, since today's decisions are based on data, it is equally important...

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