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Background of the Study
Much about spelling is puzzling. Our society expects that any educated person can spell, yet literate adults commonly characterize themselves as poor spellers and make spelling mistakes. Many children have trouble spelling, but we do not know how many, or in relation to what standard because state accountability assessments seldom include a direct measure of spelling competence. Few state standards specify what, exactly, a student at each grade level should be able to spell, and most subsume spelling under broad topics such as written composition and language proficiency. State writing tests may not even score children on spelling accuracy, as they prefer to lump it in with other “mechanical” skills in the scoring rubrics. Those of us who can spell reasonably well take for granted the role that spelling plays., or thesaurus; recognizing the right choice from the possibilities presented by a spell checker; writing notes that others an read and even playing parlor games are all dependent on spelling. In a literate society, conventional spelling is expected and anything beyond a few small errors is equated with ignorance and incompetence. The research is all about the spelling competence and to determine who has the most spelling competence among the three star sections. We conducted the research because we had observed that most of the students are not interested to enhance their vocabulary. They just want to listen to the discussion , roleplays, activities ,seatwork and etc. This study is also to help our teacher in order to know what strategy/ies that she may use like she may add more spelling activities to enhance our vocabulary. Importance of the Study

The researcher’s main goal is to compare the spelling competence among the Baguio National High School Grade 8 star sections ( Benevolence, Compassion and Cooperation) school year : 2013-2014, with only reading the word twice. The words that we provide have three (3)...
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