Back Where I Come from

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Back Where I Come From When you are walking through a store or getting the mail, how many people do you know? Not many would be I guess. Well back where I come from that would be the opposite, for the most part there is are less people you don’t know, then people you do know. Kenny Chesney, a country singer, sings a song called “Back where I Come From;” this songs describes my home town to the letter. The lyrics start by: “ well in the town where I was raised the clock ticks and the cattle graze”
Theres only one main way to get in and out of my town unless you have a great four by four vehicle to get in any other way. When driving down the road the first clues that you are getting close are the fields full of cattle and with cattle comes that distinguished scent. I mean the field next to the school, which is K through 12, has cattle in it.
“Time passed with amazing grace Back where I come for.”
For some reason time there seems to almost stop here, the clouds inch their way across the sky, and most the part, in the evening people are sitting on the front porch just enjoying the sunset and its amazing colors. Even the flowers have a sharp beautiful glow to them that only seeing them is the only way to describe them. And when fall comes, well we even made a day for that call Color Sunday. “ you can lie on a river bank paint your name on the water tank or miscount all the beers you drank back where I come from.”
This is something that my friend still do, like being outdoors and going camping, fishing and just listen to the songs that the world makes. Most people want some of silence in their lifes and it pretty quite and relaxing.
“back where I come from where ill be when it’s said and done I’m proud as anyone that’s where I come from.”
Many of the people that have lived there and have moved away usually in some point in time have come back. Many have called it a diamond in the rough for not many people know about its beauty and its old

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