Back to The Future

Pages: 2 (853 words) / Published: Aug 1st, 2015

Wallin, Spivey, Routt, Shahabuddin

Time Travel in Back to The Future
There are many examples in Back to The Future where technology interacts with the characters to make either interesting or disastrous results. Back to The Future is a very dynamic movie because it was the first movie to introduce this topic in a unique way such as the effects time travel has on other situations, which we have never really thought about before in film. It also presented many ideological thoughts, which can be interesting to have discussions about. It definitely revolutionized the movie industry and affected all movies to come by introducing elements that no one has dared to explore.
Marty McFly, a student in 1985, goes to his dear friend Doc Brown’s laboratory to play with a guitar amplifier. However, the Doc tells him he needs help with his new experiment: a time machine built out of a Delorean. Though in disbelief, Marty decides it is best to go see and/or help him. Upon arrival, Marty finds the Doc with the car. He says it runs off plutonium and he has enough to run the car. He demonstrates this by sending his dog one minute into the future. Soon after the Libyan terrorists that he stole from come and gun Doc down. Marty successfully escapes but is accidentally sends himself back in time, to the year 1955. When he arrives, he catches his dad, George, (now super duper young) spying on his future mother. He shouts up to his dad, causing him to fall in the road. An oncoming car is about to hit George when Marty jumps and pushes him, saving him, an incredible act of bravery. This causes Marty to be injured, and he is noticed by his future mother, Lorraine. She brings him


inside to nurse him back to health, but in doing so, accidentally starts to fall in love with him.
However, she was supposed to bring in George! This has officially stopped the meeting of
Marty’s mom and dad, causing him to not exist in the present, where

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