Back to School

Topics: Education, United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: September 25, 2013
B: Back to School
They say that education is the most important thing for society. That education is the way out of trouble, poverty, unemployment and many other things. But all of this is hard to understand for children, and that is a problem, for it is them who are in the education system. So how do you get kids and youngsters to understand the importance of education and hard work? That is what Barrack Obama – the president of the United States of America – has tried to do. He gave the speech "Back to School" to students of all ages in the school system trying to evoke in them a feeling of responsibility when it comes to school and education. This paper analyzes and comments on that speech, and it partly focuses on how he addresses his audience, and what feelings he evokes in them. When you talk about rhetoric there is a classic way of building it up: The opening comes first. Here Obama says hello and talks about the first day in a semester day, such as that exact day. Then the narrative which is some background information. Here he talks about his own experience as a schoolboy. After that comes the argumentation. In this part all the main weight of the speech is. He talks about responsibility, opportunities and so on. Then normally comes the refutation, but that part it not present in this speech, so at no point does he come with any arguments against his proposition, but on the other hand that would also be stupid in this case. In the end is of cause the ending. Here he concludes what he expects from all the students. This makes it all very easy understandable and easy to follow, which is important when he is addressing kids and youngsters. The main point he is making is that all the students should work hard in school so they can get a good education. As a ground for this main statement he says that a good education is needed if one wants to become something in life, and that jobs and money does not come from nothing. He uses different kinds of...
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