Back of the Bus Theory

Topics: Classical conditioning, Martin Luther King, Jr., Operant conditioning Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Back of the Bus Theory

Daric M. Grant


February 28, 2011

Sonja Hamilton

Back of the Bus Theory

Why do African Americans still continue to sit towards the back of the bus 60 years later? It is a very baffling question that deserves an answer. History tells us through well scripted documentation dating back to the civil rights movements of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks; that African Americans were determined to be treated as equal human beings and demanded their place in society through non-violent protests. With these facts still lingering in the minds of pioneers and elders of a generation almost completely extinct, an individual has to wonder; could this be the long-term results of a particular type of mental programming, or is it considered cool amongst a lost generation to sit towards the back of the bus now? During an era where African Americans were not considered equal by the majority of whites in the southern states, it was difficult to maintain in a time of injustice, inequality, and uncertainty. Most, if not every establishment in the south, had become completely segregated, and to be born an African American during those times was considered a sin punishable by man-made laws that swore to protect and serve the American people. African Americans were considered second rate citizens, who were bullied and made examples of on a daily basis; none of which, has changed much given our present conditions. Now you probably might be thinking; what does this have to do with African Americans and the back of the bus theory? Subconsciously, African Americans have reverted back to and are taking their rightful place near the rear of the society. Sounds crazy, but does this only occur in urban areas, or maybe this is something that travels beyond the inner-cities? What is the cause of such non-coherent behavior within a race that struggled for years in solving such a problem? Is this problem fixable and...
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