Back in the Day

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Back in The Day
I remember being a kid, and it was so fun. Just being yourself as one person, compared to what the kids do now. Living the in now moment, instead of looking into the future. I will talk about the “pre-teenagers” now as to when I was a “pre-teenager”. I’m not saying the children now are bad; it is just that times have really changed. Back in my prime, as a child, I loved playing in the outdoors. Could not get enough of it; I could stay outside all day, but I obviously couldn’t. If all I had was a ball I could find a way to play any type of game. In today’s world kids have all different new technology and devices; most don’t go outside and play unless they are forced to. They stay indoors on the weekend, when it is eighty-six degrees outside, and play computer games until it is time for supper. There is one good thing that comes with the kid’s technology; they have “games” that help them learn, and a lot of them. As to the only game we had on computers was Kid Pix, which was just a drawing board you could do things on. I also remember when I was little the technology was nothing compared to today, or what kids have now. I had a “Woody” doll from Toy Story, and you pulled his string so he would talk. As to young kids have talking babies and action figures without pulling a string. When I was younger you did chores because you felt you had to help out the family out in some way, or you did them because you were forced into doing them. Actually I loved washing, cleaning, and also drying dishes with my parents. It was almost like bonding time. My brother or I didn’t even think about back talking to my parents, or else we would have to go kneel in the corner for a certain amount of time. Boys and girls today, I don’t think they do chores for any reason, or do them at all. You can somewhat blame the parents for not being more strict, but some kids still wouldn’t do it.

Another thing I had when I was little was hand-me-down clothes...
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