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Retailing environment is changing everyday. No one knows what will happening in the future. The most competitive mobile phone retailer Nokia lost it competence just in several years because it did not see the potential of the smart phones. So it is very important for retailers to adopt themselves to the retailing trends, everything happening in retail can make great difference.

The report is about the future vision of a shopping centre in Leeuwarden called De Centrale. The report is aimed to find new plans for De Centrale to stay success in the future. In the report, the introduction of the area is in the first part and then the methodology is mentioned in the second chapter. The next 6 chapters are discussing 6 topics such as social context and technology. The explanation of the six topics can help find the retailing trends nowadays. De Centrale can make new plans for future according to the retailing trends. The chapter 9 is discussion part which means combing all six topics. It is about the conclusion of the six topics. And chapter 10 is the conclusion part, the research questions will be answered in this part. In the most important part, future vision part, new plans for the area will be explained. Many of the recommendations are inspired by the conclusion of the six chapters.

At the end of the report, all the sources of the report are mentioned in the bibliography part.


In the first chapter, the motive and objective of the future vision report. The mission and goal of doing this research will be learn by this chapter. Then probleam statement and reaearch questions will be given. The whole report will be explained around the problem statement and research questions. 1.1 Context

De Centrale Leeuwarden is an attractive shopping center in Leeuwarden. The most attractive retail shop in that area is media market, almost every one in Leeuwarden who wants to buy electronic products will go to media market to pick up the products they want. There are also some furniture shops in that area. They are also attractive because the furnture shops there provide high quality products so people are willing to go there. But there brings a problem that the shops in De Centrale are a bit limited. There are not many shops there. So it won’t sttract many customers. And nowadays many different factors influence the retail. De Centrale is very successful now but if it does not have any changes to react to the changing environment of retail. it can not guarantee its success several years after. So the future vision of this area is to develop more attractive things to keep its success.

1.2 Motive
The motive of the report is to find new strategy for De Centrale area to keep attractive in the future. It is very successful now. But there are some existing problems, such as the shops are limited, the location is not very good. So it is necessary to formulate a new strategy for the area. 1.3 Objective

The Objective is to make some recommendations for De Centrale accroding to the six parts: retailing update, futurizing, socialcontext of retailing, technology, serendipity and creativity, business models, creativity and retailing. By learning these six parts, the trends of retailing will be clearer and it will be easy for the area to make the right decisions. 1.4 Problem statement

How can De Centrale keep attractive as now in the future?
1.5 Research model

Figure 1.5
Figure 1.5 is the conceptual model of this report. According to the conceptual model, 6 topics are going to be explored to find the retailing trends nowadays. And then new retailing trends...

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