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BBA (Accountancy) Modules Typical Sequence (for 2009 cohorts) (as at July 2011)

Year 1 (AY09/10) Semester 1
MNO 1001 Management and Organisation ACC 1002 Financial Accounting (not ACC1002X) BSP 1004 Legal Environment of Business BSP 1005 Managerial Economics DSC 2006 Operations Management

Year 1 (AY09/10) Semester 2
MKT 1003 Principles of Marketing ST 1131A Introduction to Statistics ACC 2002 Managerial Accounting DSC 2003 Management Science ACC1006 Accounting Information Systems

Year 2 (AY10/11) Semester 1
FIN 2004 Finance BSP2001 Macro & International Economics ES 2002 Business Communication BSP 2005 Asia Pacific Business, Ethics & Society University-Level Requirement Module

Year 2 (AY10/11) Semester 2
University-Level Requirement Module ACC 3601 Corporate Accounting & Reporting ACC 3603 Assurance and Attestation ACC 3605 Taxation University-Level Requirement Module

Year 3 (AY11/12) Semester 1
BSP 3001 Business Policy and Strategy ACC 3602 Managerial Planning & Control ACC 3604 Corporate and Securities Law ACC 3614 Valuation University-Level Requirement Module

Year 3 (AY11/12) Semester 2
ACC 3611 Corporate Governance and Ethics ACC 3612 Risk Management & Internal Control ACC 3606 Advanced Corporate Accounting & Reporting ACC 3613 Advanced Assurance and Attestation ACC 3615 Accounting Theory

Compulsory 8week internship (from immediately after the exam period of semester 1 till the end of January)



The following notes from page 2 of this document are an integral part of this sequence diagram. In other words, please read the notes!



NOTES TO THE ABOVE SEQUENCE in the context of BAC09 students only

1. BSP2001 will count as a breadth module.

2. University-Level Requirement (ULR) modules (not pre-allocated) For A-level (or other) students — one Singapore Studies (SS) module, one GEM (Group A), one GEM (any group) and one breadth module. For poly graduates — one Singapore Studies module (SS) and one GEM (Group A).

3. For AY11/12 semester 1 (a) Students are pre-allocated BSP3001 + the three modules in subset C or subset D (done via random assignment by BBA Office). Students should stick to the pre-allocated modules and not ask for a change. There will be no bidding or dropping allowed via CORS. Only two types of change are allowed at the BBA Office. First, if you are allocated subset C but prefer subset D, then you must find another student willing to do a complete swap with you of the subset modules, i.e. swap all three modules including the timeslots. In other words, swaps of single module across the subsets are not allowed. Second, if you are happy with the given subset C or D but not happy with the timeslots, then you must find another student willing to do a complete swap with you of his/her timeslots for the same subset modules. Note: within subset C, there are three sequences of timeslots (B1, D1, G1 \ B2, D2, G2 \ B3, D3.1 or D3.2, G3) and within subset D, there are also three sequences of timeslots (F4, H4, J4 \ F5, H5, J5 \ F6, H6, J6)  please refer to the planned class time-table at the end of this document. The reason that dropping of modules and individual swaps are disallowed is because time tabling is planned based on subsets and the assumption that students follow the respective assigned subsets. Hence if you move out of your assigned subset for even one module, there is a high chance of a time table clash (and maybe exam clash) either in semester 1 or, more importantly, in semester 2. You may create a problem for yourself (including delayed graduation) in semester 2. (b) Students going for exchange in semester 1 (should be a very small group only): you will be given 3 ACC3xxx modules in Year 4 semester 1 or 2, depending on which ACC3xxx modules you have yet to take by the end of Year 3 semester 2. ForBAC09studentsinAY2011/12 Page2

4. For AY11/12...
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