Babys Age

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Kohlberg's stages of moral development Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Baby’s Age From 0-3

According to Piaget from age zero to three the baby is in the sensorimotor stage. The baby is equipped with innate and reflexive behaviors when he enters the world. The baby does behaviors that don’t require thought-in the sense of the complex mental activity seen in problem solving later in childhood such examples are such as clinging,

sucking, and crying. They give mainly reflexive or instinctive motor responses to stimulation, with very little thinking involved. The baby is capable of recognizing people as they see frequently; they also learn to coordinate their body parts. They start to grasp and explore attractive objects or avoid things they dislike. In the second year he start to gain the ability to make mental images, or internal mental representation, of objects. They can start to use objects in thinking and problem solving. Then later they start to get this ability called object permanence; they realize objects exist even when not in sight. Also they start to speak language and this way they make mental representations. All of this makes up the sensorimotor stage. My baby so far has learned to grasp items and it seems as if he is trying to understand them. He also has learned to say some words such as papa and na(no). He has grown taller and can walk alone now.

Baby’s Age From 6-9

According to Piaget the baby is in the concrete operational stage from ages six to nine. The child has broken through the barrier of irreversibility. The child can differentiate between tall, thin and small, wide glasses. They learn that the physical properties do not change even though the appearance changes. They can also solve problems by manipulating concepts entirely in their minds. They began to use simple reason to solve problems. Erikson believes they are facing low self-confidence and feelings of failure. For example some kids might lack growing social skill and feel discouraged. My son is learning how to...
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