Babylonian Empire- Hammurabi Code

Topics: Mesopotamia, Civilization, Babylonia Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: October 1, 2011
The law of the Babylonian Empire- Hammurabi code held people responsible for their actions. Laws differed from place to place. Laws have developed and changed over time because at first the early civilizations used the Babylonian empire and then as the time went by early river valley civilizations such as; Sumer, Egypt, Indus valley and china started to develop their own laws and forms of government. For example the Sumerians built independent city-states governed by monarchs and united the city states into the first empires which came up with the Babylonian law, Egyptians lived in farming villages and each village had its own rituals, gods and chieftain the villages were under the rule of two separate kingdoms; lower Egypt and upper Egypt the difference between Egypt and Mesopotamia is that kings were considered to be representatives of the gods and in Egypt the kings were gods, it was their duty to promote truth and justice. In the Indus valley they had strong centralized government and planed cities in other early cites there were just a bunch of building connected by a maze but the people of Indus laid out their cities on a precise grid. And finally china, even before the Sumerians were settled early Chinese cultures were building farming settlements along the Huang He. A people called the Shang rose to power in northern china the Shang dynasty lasted from around 1700 B.C. to 1027 B.C. they were the first family of Chinese rulers to leave written records. Shang society was sharply divided between nobles and peasants The similarities between Hammurabi code and the laws we live under today is that like the Hammurabi code whenever you steal something you would have consequences but there consequences were more harsh, they would sentence you to death if you stole something that you couldn’t pay back the worst thing they could now is write a ticket and put it on your record or if its serious put you in jail. All and all that is how laws have changed...
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