Baby Thesis About Family Relationship

Topics: Questionnaire, Cousin, Scientific method Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Chapter III


This research was conducted in order to determine whether a first year cadet who has a family relationship specifically a cousin really differs from his other classmates or batch mates who do not have a relative according to their different performances academically or not. The advantages and disadvantages as well as the reliability of this instrument were also part of the objectives. In order to answer these different goals and aims, the researcher opted to obtain the view of those first year cadets and other cadets from NYK-TDG Maritime Academy who were in line with this topic. Specifically, a total of 10 respondents from the three year levels within the locale of the study were randomly selected to make up the sample. Selected respondents answered a survey questionnaire structure in Likert format. Data gathered from this research instrument will then be computed for interpretation. Along with different primary data, the researcher also made use of secondary resources in the form of latest technology research which uses articles and literatures found in the internet, books and some magazines.

Research Design
The descriptive method of research was used for this study. This type of research was used in order to know the differences between a first year cadets who has a relative or cousins on the higher classes to those who doesn’t have. Using this method of research will also determine the different advantages and disadvantages of a first year cadet from class 2016 who has a cousin on the senior classes. With this method, the researcher will give questionnaire to different respondents who were mainly from the first year cadets as they are the main subjects in the study. The descriptive method of research is used to gather information on finding out the answers to different problems stated in the first chapter. Moreover, this method of research allows a flexible approach, thus, when important new...
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