Baby in the Bottle (Reader's-Response)

Topics: Sadness, Feeling, What Happened Pages: 5 (2191 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Nowadays, abortion seems to be an easy thing. Teenagers who got pregnant accidentally will have abortion as their first choice to end their problem. The thing inside their stomach already has a life, even if it has only been days. There are women who wanted to have kids but they cannot have; abortion is not the best solution for this problem, there are still couples who need them and will love them. After the hard and exhausting work, most of the time, people’s next destination is their home. Home is a place where you feel that you belong, you are at ease and you have a peace of mind. “Baby in the Bottle,” tells the life of a couple who can never have a child. Mr. Libre was a clerk in the freight department of an import-export corporation. His tasks are sorting and recording receipts, which made him to stay on his desk for nine hours. After his work, he will go home directly, but that does not ease what he has been feeling. At his home, the place is quite and feels like no one is living. He and his wife did not have any proper and long conversation after their first and last child was born prematurely and died. His wife wanted to take the baby home and keep it with her, and so they placed it inside a bottle filled with alcohol. He can feel the pain his wife has been suffering, just seeing her looking at the baby in daze and holding it made him to feel sorry for her. When the baby died, Mr. Libre did not shed any tears, he’s been holding them because it made him feel so helpless and he wanted to be strong for his wife. But it came to a time when he can no longer hold it and the tears fell from his eyes. Theme “Importance of a child in a family” A complete family is consisted of a mother, a father and kids. The children are the one who strengthen the relationship of the couple. They are the ones who make the home filled with laughter and smiles. “The talk always returned to the past and how different it might have been if they’d had children.” p (183). This sentence proves the importance of children in maintaining the happiness in a home. Mr. Libre and his wife seems like stranger to each other. The effect of the death of the baby made his wife to completely change, her eyes are not as bright as it should be, her face does not show any expression and when she smiled at him, an expression he had seen for the first time, it made him scared of the possibility that she does not recognize his husband. “His wife sat on a cot staring at the baby bottle. She sat in the half dark a few feet away from the table where the bottle was. From where he stood he could see sharply the hollows of her eyes and her thin bloodless lips. Her face was totally without expression. Her hands were on her lap and she sat unmoving but when he came in and she saw him she turned slowly to him and her face broke out in a clumsy uncertain smile. It was slow half-silly smile that twisted the corners of her mouth upwards and nothing else; her eyes remained sad and empty. He had never seen her that way. He was afraid she did not recognize him.” p (187). Their relationship has affected Mr. Libre’s work, sometimes he could not concentrate on the things he should do and in front of him. His thought about his work got mixed with the thoughts about his wife and the baby, what his wife is doing and the condition of the baby. “Concentration always came hard to Mr. Libre because sometimes in the middle of the day he would find it impossible to keep his thoughts off the many unrelated things that came into his mind. He would catch himself thinking of his wife eating lunch alone every day or the cardboard wall of their room that seemed to close in on them or perhaps the dead baby submerged in its bottle of green alcohol. He thought of his wife a lot but many times he thought of the baby too.” p (185). The author did not use any other means to show the theme to the...
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