Baby Hatches
Topics: Child abandonment, Baby hatch / Pages: 7 (1642 words) / Published: Dec 20th, 2016

Statistics show that Safe Haven baby hatches in the United States have saved 3,227 lives in 2016 since the year 2000 (Kelsey, 2016, para. 2). Baby hatches are safe vessels where mothers can anonymously abandon their newborn baby. These devices were introduced in the United States in a warm hearted manner, they were created with the purpose of reducing the rate of unsafe child abandonments. Although baby hatches are heavily criticized for neglecting the fulfillment of parents’ basic obligations, proponents pose the argument that they aid mothers in crisis and save lives. Baby hatches are needed in society for their purpose of saving innocent lives. This paper will highlight the purpose of baby hatches in society, it will outline both opposing and concurring views, allowing the reader to create their own bias about baby hatches.
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1). Baby hatches resemble a black box, they are stainless steel and shadow the appearance of a conventional microwave oven. On the outside, baby hatches have a latch that can be pulled upward to open, they also include a phone number painted on the outside just in case a mother wants to retrogress her decision. In the inside, these devices are highly equipped with three alarms to get the attention of first responders. Baby hatches are placed on the outside walls of police stations, fire departments and in

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