Baby-Dumping Cases: Has Enough Been Done to Protect Our Children ? Read More: Baby-Dumping Cases: Has Enough Been Done to Protect Our Children ?

Topics: Child abuse, Childhood, Neglect Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 5, 2012
OF late, issues concerning the dumping of newborn babies and the plight of missing children have captured the attention of the media and the community at large. This most inhumane treatment of newborn babies is a tragic reflection of the state of social ills in our society involving erring youths and teenagers. It is also symptomatic of problematic families where the family institutions have failed to inculcate noble values in the young generation. The easy availability of pornographic materials as well as the influence of pornography through the Internet is also a factor that cannot be ignored and this has led to the emergence of many social ills. In the wake of all these disturbing reports of baby-dumping, child abuse and child neglect, the question that comes to mind is whether the government and society as a whole have done enough to address the issue and to give adequate protection to children as a whole. In 2001, Malaysia launched the "Say Yes for Children" campaign to create awareness on the protection of children. The campaign was part of the global movement for children to ensure greater action for children and to hold governments responsible for it. The "Say Yes for Children" campaign was aimed at creating a conducive and enabling environment for children to grow up. It was built on 10 imperative actions and responsibilities, which are: LEAVE no child out;

PUT children first;
CARE for every child;
STOP harming and exploiting children;
LISTEN to children;
EDUCATE every child;
PROTECT children from war;
PROTECT the earth for children, and,
FIGHT poverty and invest in children.
The campaign called for urgent steps by all strata of society, including governments, the private sector and the community to ensure the well-being and security of future generations by safeguarding the environment at the global, national and local levels. It is not incorrect to say that the world belongs to our children and adults of this generation are...
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