Baby Boomers: Power and Authority

Topics: Generation Y, Demographics, Cultural generations Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Baby Boomers are individuals who were born between 1946 and 1964. This era was called Baby Boomers because of the additional seventeen million babies born during that time period compared to previous time frame. It has had the biggest impact in America due to the great amount of people. Baby Boomers, been though a great deal during their life span due to the country being torn by : Vietnam War, civil rights movement, John F. Kennedy and Marin Luther King Jr. assassinations. Protesting against our own government, and participating in these movements has shaped many Baby Boomers into leadership positions which hold supremacy and authority. Power and Authority

Baby Boomers, were brought up to respect people with power and authority. According to Yang & Guy, "Baby Boomers grew up in an era of prosperity and optimism and bolstered by the sense that they are a special generation capable of changing the world, have equated work with self-worth, contribution and personal fulfillment” (Pg. 270, 2006). Baby Boomers have many great attributes compared to later generations, and strongly believe that hard work and sacrifice are the ways to gain respect and will eventually pay off. They are the group that started the workaholic movement and love working as a team and making decisions as a group.

When a Baby Boomer is given a task, they will finish it until it is completed. If they frequently keep receiving advice or criticism they will feel offended due to the nature of their leadership roles. According to Sally Kane, "  Baby Boomers are extremely hardworking and motivated by position, perks and prestige. Baby Boomers relish long work weeks and define themselves by their professional accomplishments. Since they sacrificed a great deal to get where they are in their career, this workaholic generation believes Generation X, and Generation Y pay their dues and conform to a culture of overwork. Baby Boomers may criticize younger generations a lack of work ethic and...

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