babies having babies

Topics: Abortion, Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Kallie Lynds
Eric Pelkey
ENG 111
Babies having Babies
Babies having babies: what is wrong with people these days? The good news I think it is declining: CITATION AZdailysun \l 1033 (AZdailysun). I think it was a trend some thought the other girls were cool to have something of their own. In reality, it’s the hardest job any young girl will endure in her life if she is up for the challenge. In these days, things can be done or prevented. Such as adoption or abortion, but it’s still there in the back your mind or maybe someone else’s minds such as the other parent or grandparent. I watched a movie on Lifetime about a girl who got Pregnant and then told all her friends. The real smart ones laughed and walked away but, some walked behind the other girl got pregnancy they thought it was fun at first all the attention they got, money at the 1st of the month, maybe thought it would keep her boyfriend, or they thought they were adults. In reality, they missed out on their childhood; dates, proms hanging out with their friends and many other things. In the end, most of the girls ended up giving the child to their mothers to raise. Is that right? “Taxpayers. Pay an estimated $6.9 billion dollars annually on teen mothers and their children, including welfare, Food Stamp, and medical benefits, loss of tax revenue, incarceration, and foster care (Robin Hood Foundation, 1996). This is the face of "teen pregnancy”, one of the paramount social problems in Western society today.” Brown, Tina, "Teen Pregnancy: A Cross-Cultural Phenomenon but a Western Problem?" (1999).Nebraska Anthropologist. Paper 116. good news is that that rate in teen pregnancy is dropping. Due more education to the kids and parents too. Some parents can’t talk about that with their children. Better contraception is out on the market, and it is easier to use and find. Some kids can get it without parents’ permission now. “Teenage parenthood is by...

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