Babies Born Addicted to Drugs and the Side Effects

Topics: Pregnancy, Addiction, Drug addiction Pages: 5 (2044 words) Published: April 19, 2011
In today’s society people are talking about babies being born to drugs, and how could a mother do that to their unborn child. Drug addiction is a very serious issue that needs more research. We are still learning the effects of substance abuse. One problem that needs to be looked at is are there enough Rehabilitation Centers, to help the women who are addicted to these different street drugs. Also doctor and nurses should not judge these women but instead give them the best prenatal care that can be provided. We need to see what harm and side affects it has on the mother and baby, so that we can be able to understand better how to treat these women and get them off drugs before they do harm their babies. Lets start with what they call the lesser of all evils, that would be tobacco. There are over four thousand chemicals in them some of those are nicotine and carbon monoxide. These are the two most dangerous chemicals. Smoking during pregnancy affects the mother and the baby's health before, during, and after the baby is born. The nicotine (the addictive substance in tobacco), carbon monoxide, and numerous other poisons they inhale from tobacco are carried through their bloodstream and go directly to the baby. Smoking while pregnant will: Lower the amount of oxygen available to the mom and the growing baby. It increases the baby's heart rate. It will also increase the chances of having a miscarriage or a stillbirth. It increases the risk of having the baby be born prematurely and/or born with a low birth weight. Lastly it will increase the baby's risk of developing respiratory (lung) problems at birth. When babies are born they are addicted to the nicotine and will go through withdrawals. Some of those withdrawals could be that they are more excitable, jittery, abnormally tense and rigid, and requiring more handling to calm them. They also show greater stress to the nervous system, the digestive system, and their vision. These symptoms are less noticeable and this is why some people call it the lesser of two evils. Now we have the drug that is legal only if you are twenty-one. This drug would be called alcohol. The biggest thing alcohol cause's is fetal alcohol syndrome. Fetal alcohol syndrome describes a number of defects or problems that a baby faces due to the mother's alcohol consumption while being pregnant. These could be physical or mental effects such as growth or learning disorders. Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause growth deficiency, and problems with the central nervous system. Children with fetal alcohol syndrome may also have attention span disorders, and other physical disabilities, including vision and hearing problems. The following are the most common symptoms of FAS. However, each baby may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include a small head, small jaw, and small, flat cheeks. They may have malformed ears and small eyes, poor development of the optic nerve. They can be born crossed-eyed. FAS babies can also be born with small upper mouth structure and teeth, along with a caved-in chest wall, umbilical or diaphragmatic hernia. They also have incomplete development of genitalia. Some have growth, motor, and mental retardation. Irritability in infancy and hyperactivity in childhood and finally poor coordination. Limited movement of fingers and elbows extra fingers, and abnormal palm creases. They also have excessive hair, and under grown nails. They have an incomplete or lack of development in the brain structure. Some of the major defects can be heart murmurs, heart defects, and abnormalities of large vessels. When pregnant women use drugs, there is a greater probability that the baby will suffer birth defects. What main thing that needs to be address is how marijuana, heroin, and other drugs affect the baby in and out of the womb. Lets examine these street drugs and see what we can find out about babies born addict to the harder drugs. Marijuana, Mary Jane, and weed, grass, or pot what...
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