Babe Ruth’s Farewell to Baseball Speech

Topics: Babe Ruth, New York Yankees, Baseball Pages: 1 (471 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Babe Ruth’s Farewell to Baseball speech was delivered on April 27th 1947 at the Yankee Stadium in New York. Babe Ruth at the time was 52 years old and dying of throat cancer, his speech was directed towards his dedicated fans. He wanted to thank everyone for their kind words throughout the years and he knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer. He began by speaking about how horrible his course voice sounded and how it felt just as bad. That statement I’m not quite sure if it could be construed as fact or opinion but out of respect I will say, fact. He later goes on to speak of how baseball comes up from the youth, meaning the boys. Well I would have to say that is one man’s opinion. My great grandmother loved to play baseball with her brothers and younger sister. So not many girls played but there were a proud few. Ruth continues with saying how he feels baseball to be the only real game in the world which is again, his opinion. Babe Ruth makes a statement next that I have heard repeated many times in my childhood “some people think if you give them a football, or a baseball, or something like that, naturally they are athletes right away. But you can’t do that in baseball.” It is his opinion that you have to grow up playing baseball in order to become any good at it. I believe there is such a thing as just being a natural at baseball. Ruth says “You have to let it grow up with you and if you’re successful, and you try hard enough, you’re bound to come out on top.” Well that is again just one fine man’s opinion. Many young men and women have played baseball their entire lives and never even made it to the minors. Sometimes hard work and dedication don’t necessarily pay off in the way we intend but everything works out for the best in the end and that is just my opinion. Babe Ruth ends his Farewell to Baseball speech by saying he is glad he had the opportunity to thank everybody for all the lovely things that had been said about him and that is a factual...
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